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The media sorting hat

So,yesterday as I sat enjoying Les Miserables for the seventh (or eighth…or was it ninth?) time, I realized that I’d slipped into doing something I frequently do – dwelling on which characters would fit into which Hogwarts houses.  Now, when I say I do this frequently, I don’t mean that when I see a hero being especially brave I think “oh, what a Gryffindor” or when a villian is particularly slippery and snakelike I think “stinkin’ Slytherin.”  I mean constant, unending deliberation as to the motivations behind the characters’ actions, and weighing conflicting character traits against each other, for the entirety of the time I’m watching the show/movie/what-have-you, and I’ll dwell on it for a good chunk of time afterwards as well.  And I had to figure, well, I can’t be the only person who does this.

The Harry Potter Wiki breaks down the four houses as follows:

 The main traits of a true Gryffindor are bravery, daring, nerve and chivalry.








Slytherin: Ambition, cunning and resourcefulness are the traits of a true Slytherin.  Also, there’s a tendency to look down on those without purely magical blood, but that probably won’t come into play much in this blog.







Ravenclaw: True Ravenclaws value knowledge, intellegence and wit (yes, all three things are different) above all.








Hufflepuff: Valuing hard work, patience, fair play and loyalty, true Hufflepuffs are the most accepting of the four groups.








Now, these are the descriptions we’re given from the books, but obviously it must be more than that.  If we look at a particular character without going into details (for those of you who haven’t finished the series yet), while he may be a prominent member of the Slytherin house, many of his actions, both in the current books and in the past, could be viewed as courageous, and it’s clear that he’s quite intelligent as well.  And he’s worked quite hard to get to the place where he’s at now, a predominantly Hufflepuff trait.  Yet, why is he in Slytherin?  Why is this character – a half-blood, no less – this character with brains and a muggle-born friend thrown to the pure-blooded wolves of the Slytherin common room?  Because, above all else, he wants to overcome his humble beginnings and make something of himself.  He views his intelligence and diligence as tools he’ll use to get ahead in life, not as virtues in their own right.   Also, odds are he probably wanted to be in Slytherin in the first place.

These are the sorts of things I’ll be exploring here – odds are, most characters will have attributes of all four houses, but to determine what it is that truly motivates them will decide ultimately in which house they belong.